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ProDOK interfaces

All your data perfectly integrated – thanks to ProDOK’s flexible interfaces

ProDOK makes the most of your data. A s soon as information is stored in any part of the system, from individual installation instructions through to a complete instrument and loop index,  loop directory? ProDOK enables it to be processed consistently in many different ways. Adaptable interfaces for data exchange across formats and trades, and broad support of data and document standards relevant for the sector, create an intelligently networked data structure that is open in all directions. On this basis ProDOK shows its strength as a powerful administration and analysis tool with revision-proof data import: filter functions that can be individualized give you exactly the information you need. The discrepancy analysis function logs and visualizes differences between versions and deviations from the required data.

ProDOK gives you a fast, reliable and straightforward procedure for the planning and operation of your process plants – and ensures valid, reliable data use. So you always know exactly what’s going on.

Two-way data exchange

Constructive communication

between PCT and DCS partners

With ProDOK your engineering partner and your control system supplier work hand in hand. Both sides exchange their data reliably via system- and manufacturer-neutral standards, such as NE 150. More options are provided by the import and export of additional proprietary data formats via individually customized converters. Thus your instrumentation & control and your DCS can be perfectly harmonized.

Efficient manufacturer dialogue

Automated design

of components and processes

Safety is the first priority when processing chemical or petrochemical substances. ProDOK supports you in plant design that is compliant with regulations. Thanks to an interface to the established process calculation tool Conval, you have a comprehensive range of calculation options at your disposal for your components and processes.

Based on the environment data, the comfortably integrated tool calculates the optimal control range of sensitive and highly-stressed components such as control devices, shutters, and differential pressure sensors or the correct dimensioning of thermometer protection tubes. All results can be viewed directly and processed in ProDOK, e.g. as a basis for well-founded device specifications. You can also run a critical check on manufacturers’ calculations.

Full compatibility with Microsoft Office

Wherever highly-specialized software for the sector meets standardized Office applications in the process industry environment, ProDOK performs essential translation support. From structured data available in formats like Excel or Access, the configurable import module extracts precisely the information that is important for you and stores it just where you need it. Thanks to our own import adapter that we tailor to your application, you can process all types of data that exist in proprietary formats like ASCII, XML and others. And ProDOK is not a one-way street: extensive export features allow you to freely gather information for specific data queries.