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Process Control Engineering with ProDOK.


For throughout consistentdocumentation.


Process Control Engineering with ProDOK.

Less planning effort, more efficiency.

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Industry 4.0 versus Sustainability: Synergy or conflicting aims?

The fourth revolution in our industry and the sustainable protection of our resources pose great challenges to the economy. However, are these defined aims in conflict, or do they perhaps benefit from synergies?


Digital loop checks with ProDOK inspection folders

Inspecting hundreds, or even thousands, of loops during a loop check is very time-intensive and also error-prone.


Fast installation and implementation

ProDOK can be integrated into your systems and processes with the utmost ease. The existing IT infrastructures are generally sufficient, and ProDOK is operational in a very short time.


Create PCT Planning from Office files

The control, regulation and safety of process plants are undeniably complex. Thus it is enormously important in process control to use the right means and methods to monitor processes in the plant, adhere to target conditions and activate alarms when deviations occur.

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Success Stories

When changing over from our old system to ProDOK, approximately 1.4 million individual attributes had to be taken over for basic engineering alone. The experts from RÖSBERG supported us and converted over 18 million items of data for around 13,700 PCT loops and more than 61,000 PCT devices in absolutely record time!”

Albrecht Helmer
BASF Antwerp N.V.

“We have been able to increase efficiency in the area of EMCR documentation by integrating the data from process engineering in ProDOK.”

Klaus Herber
Evonik Degussa GmbH

“ProDOK is a reliable and accepted engineering tool and it is used in all BASF’s major locations in Europe.”

Christian Hoff
Corporate Engineering BASF SE

“When the assembly firm in Russia uses our documentation, there certainly won’t be any problems with misunderstandings. ProDOK’s reports in two languages are an invaluable help in this respect.”


Dr. Eckhard Ritte
Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH

"We were impressed by how quickly ProDOK was installed and ready to use.”

Holger Grotheer
Aluminium Oxide Stade GmbH

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